What is THC-V? The Weight Loss Strain of Your Dreams

When it comes to dieting and losing weight, getting high is probably not the first thing that you want to do. Why is that? Well, for those of us who enjoy lighting up some medical or recreational marijuana here and there, it is no secret that the munchies are a real problem. In fact, nothing can make sticking to your dieting plan harder than getting high and raiding your cabinets for the best snacks you can cram into your mouth. While this is a silly and entertaining topic for some people, other individuals who regularly use medical marijuana consider this to be a huge problem.


Especially for people dealing with chronic pain or diseases. Medical marijuana patients sometimes have a hard time getting through their daily activities, let alone find time or energy to do some physical exercise. One of the only ways to be able to control the pain enough to exercise is through the use of medical marijuana. However, lighting up some cannabis to control the pain levels gives way to the munchies; you can see how this creates a vicious cycle of needing to lose weight to control pain but not being able to due to chronic conditions. Obesity in the United States is becoming more and more of a problem, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Not to mention, higher rates of obesity is one of the main risk factors for a lot of diseases, health problems, and overall well being. In fact, it is studied that higher rates of obesity also correlate with increased rates of depression and other mental health disorders. So what can be done about medical marijuana patients who need to use cannabis but want to hit their weight loss goals?

We know that there are currently over 700 strains on the legal cannabis market in the United States. Some strains are great for increasing energy levels and reducing pain in patients struggling with chronic diseases or pain symptoms. Other strains are perfect for relaxing or reducing anxiety, even helping people with insomnia for those of us who have trouble sleeping. Is it too far out of reach to find a strain of cannabis that helps curb appetites and can combat the munchies? Well, researchers are currently looking at a new strain called THC-V. If you haven’t heard of THC-V before, it appears to have properties that can suppress one's appetite and even be an effective way to achieve weight loss goals, under careful doctoral observation, of course. When you look at the amount of people using medical marijuana regularly, and also the amount of people who are struggling with obesity, it makes a lot of sense for THV-V to be prescribed all throughout the country.

There is currently a lot of research being done into THC-V, and medical experts are wanting to be sure of all its effects (positive and negative) before actually releasing it to the public for consumption. However, it is safe to say that we are making great progress when it comes to making the marijuana industry more clinical and professional. Think of how far we have come; marijuana used to be the devil’s lettuce, and now medical professionals are advocating for its natural medical treatment effectiveness. It is also worth mentioning that THC-V is not psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t really get you high in the way that other strains would.

In all honesty, this is probably for the best, considering that you would take this strain throughout the day as you try to curb your ever-present appetite. How else would you be able to function while blitzed out of your mind on cannabis?